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The trend with property developers nowadays is the inclusion of lifestyle management with new residential developments. The reason being that this would not only enhance the value of the property, it is also a service that is expected by affluent residents and tenants alike. As we all know, the most important part of living in a building is knowing that the building is secured and for the discerning clients, knowing that someone is at hand to cater to their concierge needs.


At Bee's Knees, we provide excellent front-of-house concierge service to residential developments. We work with property developers, estate management companies and also local authorities to determine the best way to deliver front-of-house concierge services to both new and existing developments.


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The services that we provide to our clients are two fold:


  1. On Site Concierge Services




      where we provide:

  • the traditional front of house duties
  • keys and visitor management
  • meet and greet
  • parcel distributions
  • parking management ( where applicable)
  • general security of the building
  • running reasonable errands for residents.


      2     Remote Concierge Services




where we provide:

  • telephone/email services for residents, where they can telephone or email our dedicated lifestyle managers to access these services.


We pride ourselves in giving value for money and our lifestyle services are more cost effective than sourcing for them individually. We endeavour to provide consistency in services provided by our concierge team, so that they can establish a personal relationship with residents, which in turn would maximising our commitement to their well being by anticipating their different lifestyle needs. 



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